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Hook Equivalent Search

The Hook Equivalent search is a recent addition to Diptera. Many hook comparison charts on the web are difficult to interpret, so I've entered them into a database which makes it easier to understand. Now you should be able to search on a manufacturers hook model and have other manufacturers hooks that are similar to that entered reported back. This database is intended as a guide only and should be used as an aid to comparing the different types of hooks available. Each manufacturer designs hooks to different specifications and no two hooks are indentical.
Manufacturers in the database include Daiichi, Mustad, TMC Tiemco, Partridge, Dai Ricki, Kamasan, Hayabusa and Fulling Mill

If anyone finds that any hook equivalents are incorrect please e-mail us and we will update the database accordingly.

Sample Search :-
To see equivalents for a Kamasan B110 hook, just enter B110 and click the search button.