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Ostrich Herl Bloodworm

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Bloodworm ~ OH


The bloodworm is an imitation of the larval stage of the Chironomid midge or buzzer. Bloodworm spend the majority of their time living in a silty tube. When disturbed they move their bodies from side to side..

Best fished either on a floating line and long leader or sinking/intermediate line near the bottom, using a slow figure of eight retrieve.


Tying Instructions

Wind the thread down to a place opposite the hookshank, catching in a slim piece of pearl sheet as you go.

Catch in a bunch of marabou feathers.

Trim the marabou and secure the waste to the hookshank, Secure in some ostrich herl and wind the thread towards the hook eye, creating a nice even body.

Wind the ostrich herl towards the eye in even spaced turns, so no overlap occurs.

Secure the herl and trim waste.

Pull the pearl sheet forwards and secure at the eye, trim waste.

Whip finish.


Ostrich Herl Bloodworm Sly Tying Materials List