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GH Cats Whisker Yellow

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GH Yellow Cats Whisker


This is one of those all round lures, fish it on a floating, intermediate or sinking  line at various rates of retrieve and it will still catch. Similar to a Cat's Whisker works superbly even when fished very slowly or even on the drop. The pattern is also available in a variety of colours from orange to black combo's.


Tying Instructions

Place a 2mm Goldhead Bead at the eye of the hook shank, secure the bead with a piece of copper wire bent into a loop and tied down the hookshank with thread.

Take the tying thread down the hook shank, catching in some silver wire as you go.

Take a bunch of white marabou, secure this to the hook shank. (Optional 4 strands of Krystal Flash)

Catch in some silver wire and yellow chenille.

Wind the yellow chenille up towards the Goldhead bead.

Catch in a White Cock Hackle and wind down the hook shank – palmered style.

Wind the silver wire up the hook shank towards the chain bead to secure the palmered hackle in place.

Whip finish and varnish