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Olive Bead Buzzer


The Olive bead buzzer is a great early season buzzer, tied in size 10 to compensate for the size of beads. If you can find smaller beads go a few sizes smaller.
 The fly can be fished like many  buzzers on either an intermediate or floating line using a very slow figure of eight retrieve. Excellent too for sitting under an indicator.


Tying Instructions

Slide the 3 beads onto the hookshank and up to the eye.

Place a drop of superglue just behind the last bead to secure the beads in place.

Catch in the thread and wind down to a position round the hook bend, catching in some tinsel as you go.

Wind the tying thread back and forth up the hookshank to create a nice tapered body, let the thread come to rest at a position behind the last bead.

Wind the tinsel up the hookshank to create a neat rib, stop just behind the last bead , secure and trim waste.

Just behind the last bead, catch in a strip of green holographic tinsel, trim waste, whip finish and cut thread.

Catch the thread in again at the eye and pull the holographic tinsel forward over the beads and secure with thread.

Trim waste and whip finish.

Varnish with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails varnish.



Olive Bead Buzzer Fly Tying Materials List