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Black Silver Ribbed Buzzer

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Black Silver Ribbed Buzzer


This is a very simple buzzer pattern, the 4 main colours I use are Black, Claret, Olive and Red. These colours seem to suit most situations of buzzers hatching.
 The fly can be fished like many  buzzers on either an intermediate or floating line using a very slow figure of eight retrieve. I have had many takes sitting this buzzer 2-4 feet below a dry fly used as an indicator and fished close to weed beds in shallow water. In winter this fly has excelled for me when trout are still taking buzzers as part of their diet.


Tying Instructions

Run the tying thread down the hook shank catching in some fine silver tinsel as you go. Stop at at position half way round the bend.

Wind the thread back up the hook shank. Repeat this until the desired thickness of body is achieved. Stop at a position close to the eye.

Hold the silver tinsel and wind it up the hook shank creating a rib effect.

Tie off the tinsel with thread and trim the waste.

Wind the thread back and forth to create a tapered neat head.

Whip finish and varnish at least twice the whole body and head with Sally Hansen hard as nails.


Black Silver Ribbed Buzzer Fly Tying Materials List