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Peacock Caddis

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Peacock Caddis


The Peacock Caddis is an adult sedge imitation. Fish it singly on a long fine leader either static or twitched across the surface.


Tying Instructions

Take the thread down the hookshank to a point just past the barb. Catch in the peacock herl. Wind the thread back up towards the eye, stopping where the hackle will be tied in. Create a level body up the hookshank by winding the peacock herl, tie off with thread leaving enough room to tie in the wing and hackle.

Take a bunch of elk hair and even the ends using a "hair stacker".

Catch in the elk hair and secure, trim the waste ends.

Catch in a Grizzle and Brown cock hackle, wind the grizzle hackle first up towards the eye, tie off and cut waste. Wind the brown hackle up towards the eye, tie off and cut waste.

Create a neat head, whip finish and varnish.