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Tying the Muddler Daddy

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Muddler Daddy Fly Tying Materials List



Tying the Muddler Daddy Step 1

STEP 1 : The hook that I've started using for these muddlers is a Klinkhamer in Size 10 (My preference only), a sedge hook or Kamasan B175 could also be used. Catch in some Pearl Tinsel and wind the thread down to a position opposite the barb.

Tying the Muddler Daddy Step 2

STEP 2 : Dub a body of Hares ear fur onto the hook and stop roughly 1/3 of the body length from the eye.

Tying the Muddler Daddy Step 3

STEP 3 : Wind the tinsel up the hook shank to produce a rib. The Hare's Ear fur can be picked out with a dubbing teaser if required. Now trim the waste tinsel.

Tying the Muddler Daddy Step 4

STEP 4 : Catch in 8 knotted pheasant tail fibres for the legs, can be below or above the body, your choice.. (I use 8 , just in case that 1 or 2 get clipped accidently when trimming the head - Later on)

Tying the Muddler Daddy Step 5

STEP 5 : Stack some Natural deer hair in a deer hair stacker, introduce it onto the hook shank and catch in with two or three turns of thread, each wrap tighter and in front of the previous wrap, pull the thread tight which causes it to spin.

Tying the Muddler Daddy Step 6

STEP 6 : Keep packing and Spinning more deer hair, making sure to push each clump of spun deer hair hard into the previous one, using either a deer hair packing tool or your thumb and index finger. Keep doing this until you reach the eye of the hook. Whip Finish and cast off the thread.

Tying the Muddler Daddy Final Step

STEP 7 : Now trim the head with a razor blade, scalpel or scissors until the desired shape is obtained.