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Diawl Bach Sword Tail

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Diawl Bach Swordtail


Fish this fly on an intermediate line, using anything from slow figure of eight retrieves, to rolly-poly pulls. Beware - Takes are very aggressive.


Tying Instructions

This fly can be both weighted and un-weighted. This is the weighted version. Add some fine lead wire to the body of the fly, wind the thread down the hook shank, securing the lead wire on the way. Catch in 3 peacock sword tail fibres at the base of the hook.

Catch in some fine silver wire or tinsel and a strand of peacock herl and wind the thread up the hook shank to the hook eye.

Wind the peacock herl up the hook shank to the head and tie off

Wind the silver wire or tinsel up the hook shank to the  head and tie off

Take a bunch of red cock hackle fibres and catch in under the thorax, build up the head and whip finish. Varnish the head.