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Tying the Minkie

Minkie Fly Tying Materials List


Tying the Minkie Step 1

STEP 1 : Catch in a length of thin silver wire and some mylar tinsel and continue down with the thread to a position opposite the hook point covering the wire and tinsel as you go.

Tying the Minkie Step 2

STEP 2 : Create a bit of thickness to the body by running the thread back and forth along the hookshank (Keep the body uniform)..

Tying the Minkie Step 3

STEP 3 : Wind the mylar tinsel up and down the lenght of the hookshank 3 times finishing at the eye. Secure the tinsel with thread and trim waste.

Tying the Minkie Step 4

STEP 4 : Wind the wire 2 or 3 times around the hookshank to anchor the wire.

Tying the Minkie Step 5

STEP 5 : Cut a minkie strip around 3 times the length of the hookshank (Can be shorter if you wish). Roughly measure a distance the length of the mylar body and part the fur. Now wind the wire around the hookshank catching in the minkie fur, 2 turns will be enough. Now stroke the fur backwards so the wire is covered.

Tying the Minkie Step 6

STEP 6 : Continue winding the wire up the hookshank creating a rib. Make sure that you stroke the minkie fur to create a gap in which to attach the wire.

Tying the Minkie Step 7

STEP 7 : Now take the hook out of the vice and insert it back in upside down. Take a bunch of Hot Orange Cock Hackle Fibres and tie them in as an underwing. The length of the fibres should be roughly the same length of the mylar body.

Tying the Minkie Final Step

STEP 8 : Finally take the remaining tip of the minkie fur and tie in at the head. Its usually best to taper the fur (Point) so it creates a uniform head. Create a neat head, whip finish and varnish.