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Tying the Montana

Variations are :

Mobile Montana GreenMobile Montana OrangeMobile Montana Cats Whisker
Montana GreenMontana OrangeMotana Yellow


Montana Fly Tying Materials List


Tying the Montana Step 1

STEP 1 : Start by catching the tying thread onto the hookshank and run the thread towards the hook point.

Tying the Montana Step 2

STEP 2 : Catch in a bunch of Black cock hackle fibres, secure to the hook shank and trim waste, Try and keep the thread as uniform as possible.

Tying the Montana Step 3

STEP 3 : Catch in a length of Black Chenille and return the thread to a position about 1/3 the length of the hookshank from the eye..

Tying the Montana Step 4

STEP 4 : Wind the chenille up the hookshank. After each wind I find it helps to push the fibres back with your left hand using the thumb andindex finger before performing the next winding. At the thread position secure the chenille with thread. Make sure the chenille is tied off on top of the hookshank. Do not trim the chenille this will be used later as the thorax cover.

Tying the Montana Step 5

STEP 5 : Catch in a length of Fluo Green chenille and a black cock hackle.

Tying the Montana Step 6

STEP 6 : Perform a few wraps of the fluo green chenille and secure at the eye. Trim any waste fluo green chenille.

Tying the Montana Step 7

STEP 7 : Wind the hackle in even spaced turns and secure at the eye (3 turns is usually enough). Trim any waste hackle.

Tying the Montana Final Step

Final : The final process is to pull the black chenille forward and secure at the eye. Trim any waste chenille, build a neat head, whip finish and varnish.