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Scottish Canary

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Scottish Canary


The Scottish Canary can be fished like many  buzzers on either an intermediate or floating line using a very slow figure of eight retrieve. This buzzer is renowned for taking trout on a long leader (15 ft) under a bung whilst on a dead drift using the wind to move the bung around.


Tying Instructions

Start winding the white floss down towards and around the hook bend , catching some wire as you go.

Wind the floss back up until about 1/3 distance of the hookshank from the eye. Wind back down and back up again to create a nice tapered body. Repeat to get desired looking body. Make sure that the floss is left about 1/3 distance of the hook shank from the eye.

Wind the wire in equal spaced turns up the hook shank until 1/3 distance of the hook shank from the eye.

Secure the white thread and wire. Trim any excess

Tie in the Chrome Yellow floss, create a nice looking head.

Whip Finish at the eye.

Varnish as required. (I usually use two coats of hard as nails varnish just for the head and then one coat of liquid glass for the whole of the fly including body and head).