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Soldier Palmer


The Soldier Palmer is a classic loch fly. Ideal as a top dropper fly. Will cause plenty of disturbance on the water especially when pulled through waves as a wake fly.


Tying Instructions

Run the tying thread down the shank to a position opposite the barb .

Catch in a length of red wool, making sure that the wool covers the shank up to the eye.

Catch in some fine oval gold tinsel

Pull some of the wool fibres from a strand of wool and create a dubbing rope.

Wind the dubbing up the hookshank towards the eye, creating a uniform body.

At the eye , catch in a brown cock hackle with fibre length 1.5 times the hook gape.

Wind the hackle palmered style down towards the start of the oval tinsel.

Wind the oval tinsel back up to the eye, trying not to trap too many hackle fibres (Moving the tinsel using a left then right motion frees many fibres).

Secure the oval tinsel when the eye is reached and trim waste.

Secure the hackle and trim waste.

Catch in a second hackle to become the collar hackle, this usually has slightly longer fibres that the hackle used for the body hackle.

Wind the hackle a few times, secure and trim excess.

Create a neat head, whip finish and varnish the head