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The Foam Beetle

Step by Step's

The Foam Beetle

The Foam Beetle Fly Tying Materials
Tying the Foam Beetle Step 1

Step 1

Take the tying thread down to a postition opposite the hook shank, catching in a piece of cylindrical foam as you go.

Tying the Foam Beetle Step 2

Step 2

Catch in a number of pieces of peacock herl and return the tying thread to a position close to the eye. .

Tying the Foam Beetle Step 3

Step 3

Wind the peacock herl upthe hookshank stopping about 1/3 of the hookshank length from the eye, secure the herl and then catch in a black hen hackle.

Tying the Foam Beetle Step 4

Step 4

Create a few turns of the hackle, secure and trim waste.

Tying the Foam Beetle Step 5

Step 5

Pull the foam forward and secure down with thread.

Tying the Foam Beetle Step 6

Step 6

Wind the thread up to the eye and perform a few wraps of peacock herl, secure with thread and trim waste . Now catch in 2 x Goose Biots for the feelers, one at each side and on top of the hookshank, secure and trim waste.

The Completed Foam Beetle Fly

Step 7

Pull the foam towards the eye, secure with thread with a whip finish and trim the waste foam. Finally colour the foam back and head with a black marker pen.

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