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The Black and Peacock (Dry)

Step by Step's

The Black and Peacock (Dry Fly)

The Black and Peacock Dry Fly Tying Materials
Tying the Black Peacock Step 1

Step 1

Run the thread down the hook shank, catching in two peacock herls as you go, these are tied in tip first and the thread returned back up the hook shank and left near the eye.

Tying the Black Peacock Step 2

Step 2

Wind thew peacock herls up the hook shank to the eye being careful not to overlap them and tie off with thread.

Tying the Black Peacock Step 3

Step 3

Now trim the peacock herl with scissors to create a tapered "Carrot" shape.

Tying the Black Peacock Step 4

Step 4

Now catch in a black cock hackle.

Tying the Black Peacock Step 5

Step 5

Wind the hackle with around 6 turns and secure at the eye. (You can vary the amount of turns depending on how sparse you want the hackle to be).

Tying the Black Peacock Step 6

Step 6

Create a neat head, whip finish, cut away thread and varnish the head.

Tying the Black Peacock Completed Fly

Step 7

The final step is to trim the underhackle. This allows the fly to sit much further in the water than a full hackled fly.

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