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Black pensioner Fly Image

The black pensioner is a fly that can be fished all year round, but the best time of year is when Hawthorne's or dark terrestrials are on the water. The dark colour also makes this fly visible at distance and is excellent when used as an indicator for buzzers.

Tying Instructions

Take a bunch of indicator yarn and catch in on the hook shank enough distance away from the eye, leaving enough distance for the thorax. Raise the Yarn vertically and wrap the thread up the yarn and back down again to create a wing post. (This will be used to secure the parachute hackle around it).

Trim the remainder of the waste indicator yarn on the hook shank and cover with thread. Continue winding the thread down the hook shank to a point opposite the barb catching in some fine silver wire as you go.

Catch in a few cock hackle fibres for the tail.

Dub some cock hackle fibres onto the thread and create a nice tapered body up to the wing post.

Take the fine silver wire and using even spaced turns create a rib up to the wing post.

Secure the fine silver wire and dubbing with a few thread wraps and trim the waste.

Catch in a black cock hackle and secure vertically to the wing post. (I find that if you trim one side of the hackle slightly, the cock hackle creates a more uniform parachute hackle).

Dub some cock hackle fibres onto the thread and dub a thorax towards the eye, leaving enough space for the head.

Take the cock hackle and perform 4-7 wraps of the hackle around the wing post, moving downwards with each wrap. Secure the hackle at the eye and trim the waste.

Create a neat head, whip finish and varnish the head.

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