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The Blob

Step by Step's

The Fire Orange Blob

The Fire Orange Blob Fly Tying Materials
Tying the Blob Step 1

Step 1

Tying a blob is very straightforward. I have used a Fire Orange blob here for illustration purposes. If you need a different coloured blob then the tying procedure is almost identical just substituting different material colours. For blob's I tend to use Partridge Big Mouth Nymph hooks, these meet international rules size limits for competitions and they have a wide gape on them which improves hookups.

Take a pinch of Hot Orange Marabou and secure with winding turns along the hookshank. Return the thread to the a place just opoosite the barb

Tying the Blob Step 2

Step 2

Take a length of blob fritz, strip a small amount of fritz fibres from the end so the centre core is left bare. Tie the core in and secure with thread. Now return the thread to the eye of the hook.

Tying the Blob Step 3

Step 3

I've found that the easiest way to tie blob fritz is to perform one wrap of fritz around the hook shank, then wet your fingers and stroke the fritz fibres back towards the hook bend, then another wrap of fritz, wet fingers, stroke back and repeat.

Tying the Blob Step 4

Step 4

About 5mm from the hook eye, hold the fritz taught and strip away the fibres from the core of the remaining fritz. Brush the fibres back with wet fingers from the last wrap that you did. Now wrap the striped core around the hookshank a couple of times and tie off with thread. Now trim the waste core and whip finish and trim any other waste including thread.

Tying the Blob Completed Fly

Step 5

Now to finish the head. Take your prefered colour of glo brite floss, catch in and produce a neat head. Whip finish and varnish./p>

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