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Bloodworm Ethafoam Fly Image

The bloodworm is an imitation of the larval stage of the Chironomid midge or buzzer. Bloodworm spend the majority of their time living in a silty tube. When disturbed they move their bodies from side to side.

Tying Instructions

Wind the thread down to a place opposite the hookshank catching in a length of clear mono as you go.

Catch in a bunch of marabou feathers.

Catch in a thin strip of red ethafoam and secure to the hookshank.

Dub the waste ends of the marabou to the thread and make a nice marabou body by winding the dubbed marabou up towards the eye.

Pull the ethafoam forward so it lays over the eye.

In well spaced turns, wind the clear mono up the hookshank securing the ethafoam as you go.

Pull the ethafoam back slightly at the eye and secure the mono, whip finish. You can now trim the remaining ethafoam so that there is a slight overlap over the eye.

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