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The Goldhead Bloodworm

Step by Step's

The Goldhead Bloodworm

The Goldhead Bloodworm Fly Tying Materials
GoldBead Bloodworm Step 1

Step 1

Catch in some Fine Oval Silver Tinsel as the thread is wound down the hook.

GoldBead Bloodworm Step 2

Step 2

Take a bunch of marabou and catch in roughly opposite the barb. Make sure that the marabou has been prepared by removing the fluff. Return the thread to a position about 1/3 the length of the hookshank from the eye.

GoldBead Bloodworm Step 3

Step 3

Wind the marabou ends up the hookshank and secure with thread. Trim excess.

GoldBead Bloodworm Step 4

Step 4

Wind the silver oval tinsel up the body, 4 turns should be sufficient. Tie off with thread and trim waste.

GoldBead Bloodworm Step 5

Step 5

Dub some red seals fur onto the thread to build up a thorax and whip finish.

GoldBead Bloodworm Completed Fly

Step 6

Finally pinch the tail between thumb and fore-finger to the required length and pick out the seals fur fibres with a dubbing needle.

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