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Blue Dun Parachute Fly Image

The blue dun is a fly that can be fished all year round but generally comes into it's own in the early and late season when Iron Blue Dun or Mayfly are hatching. (May, September & October)

Tying Instructions

Take the winging material (Yarn) and tie in horizontally towards the hook eye. Stop the thread where you want the wing post to go vertical. Now pull the wing vertical and secure with thread creating a small post, around which the hackle will be wound.

Wind the thread down the hookshank to the position opposite the barb, catching in Blue Dun cock hackle fibres as you go.

Take some natural mole fur or other dubbing and create a slim dubbing rope, create a small tapered body along the hook shank.

Tie in a Blue Dun cock hackle (Make sure these are tied in vertically), cover the tie in point with dubbing and make a neat thorax of moles fur. Secure the thread at the eye.

Move the position of the hook into a downward facing position, holding the wing post and make a few turns of the the Blue Dun hackle. Make sure the hackle is wound from top to bottom. (This stops the hackle pulling out from the post after a few takes).

Secure the hackle with thread, cut away the waste.

Trim the height of the wing post.

Create a neat head, whip finish and varnish the head.

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