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Cactus Bristol Blood Booby Fly Image Side View

Cactus Bristol Blood Booby Fly Image Front View

This is one of those all round stillwater lures. Used with a fast sinking line and short leader, the booby is fished very close to the bottom. Can also be tied small and used on a floating line with the "Washing Line Method". Another good use is as an indicator when nymphing.

Tying Instructions

Take two polystyrene balls and secure in booby netting or tight material.

Secure to the hookshank just behind the eye by using figure of eight wraps.

Wind the thread down to a place opposite the hookshank, catching in the silver tinsel as you go.

Catch in a bunch of marabou feathers, secure and trim waste.

Catch in a piece of crystal chenille and continue winding the thread up towards the eye.

Wind the crystal chenille up in even spaced turns, after each complete turn push the leading fibres backwards with your finger before performing the next wrap.

At a position just behind the booby balls, secure the crystal chenille and catch in a wing of marabou.

Secure the marabou and perform one last wrap of the crystal chenille.

Tie off, trim any waste and whip finish.

Varnish between the eyes.

NB. Be careful not to get the varnish to come into contact with the polystyrene balls as a chemical reaction from the varnish may cause them to disintigrate.

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