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Beaded Buzzer

Step by Step's

The Red Bead Buzzer

Red Bead Buzzer Fly Tying Materials
Beaded Buzzer Step 1

Step 1

Take a bobbin threader and feed a black bead, followed by red seed bead and five further clear seed beads. Make sure that the black bead's recess is facing towards the other beads.

Beaded Buzzer Step 2

Step 2

Feed some poly yarn into the bobbin threader loop.

Beaded Buzzer Step 3

Step 3

Carefully pull the bobbin threader through the beads, which should also pull the poly yarn through at the same time. Snip the yarn at the bobbin threader end to release it.

Beaded Buzzer Step 4

Step 4

Carefully feed the beeds and yarn onto the hook. (If the beads don't have much clearance, then crimp down the barb of the hook or use a barbless hook).

Beaded Buzzer Step 5

Step 5

Angle the hook eye in a downwards direction and catch in the white thread at the tail end of the fly. Make sure the beads are pressed tightly together and create a tag to secure the beads.

Beaded Buzzer Step 6

Step 6

Whip finish the thread , trim waste thread and varnish the tag.

Beaded Buzzer Completed Fly

Step 9

All that needs to be done now is to trim the breathers at either end of the fly. Hold the yarn taught and with one cut of the scissors, trim it to the desired length.

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