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Black Worm Buzzer Fly Image

There are many variants of the so called "Buzzer", the worm is a small buzzer with a hotspot in the middle.

The fly can be fished like many buzzers on either an intermediate or floating line using a very slow figure of eight retrieve or dead drift. In winter this fly has excelled for me when trout are still taking buzzers as part of their diet.

Tying Instructions

Wind the thread down the hookshank, catching in a piece of flexifloss to the base of the hook. Wind the thread back up the hookshank to the middle where the hotspot will begin.

Wind the piece of flexifloss up the hookshank to the middle where the hotspot will begin and secure with thread.

Catch in some gold tinsel and move the thread and flexifloss together slightly up the hookshank to a place where the hotspot will finish and secure the flexifloss with thread again.

Wind the tinsel around the hookshank until the hotspot is created and secure with thread.

Wind the thread back to the hook eye.

Wind the remaining flexifloss up the hookshank to the eye and secure with thread.

Varnish the whole body with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails varnish. For best results the body should be varnished at least 3 times to produce a good solid finish.

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