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Blakestone Buzzer

Step by Step's

The Blakestone Buzzer

Blakestone Buzzer Fly Tying Materials
Blakestone Buzzer Step 1

Step 1

Catch the thread onto the hookshank.

Blakestone Buzzer Step 2

Step 2

Take a length of silver wire and secure to the underside of the hookshank stopping part way round the bend. Return the thread to near the eye.

Blakestone Buzzer Step 3

Step 3

Take a length of mylar tinsel or pearl film and secure to the top of the hookshank stopping part way round the bend. Return the thread to near the eye. Make sure that the body is uniform and all silver wire and tinsel has been covered with thread.

Blakestone Buzzer Step 4

Step 4

Carefully position the mylar tinsel so it runs on top of the hook, it may need adjusting after a few of the wire ribs are created. Wind the wire up the hookshank to create a rib, catching and securing the mylar tinsel on top of the hookshank. Continue to a position just short of the eye. Secure the wire with thread and trim waste wire by rocking it from side to side. Leave the mylar tinsel to be used as the thorax cover.

Blakestone Buzzer Step 5

Step 5

Wind the thread backwards to where the thorax will start, make sure that the mylar tinsel is brought backwards with the thread wraps. Catch in two goose biots, one each side of the thorax.

Blakestone Buzzer Step 6

Step 6

Catch in two peacock herls tips first. Wrap the herl around the thread to give reinforcement of the herls.

Blakestone Buzzer Step 7

Step 7

Wrap the herl up to the eye. Secure the herl with thread and trim waste herl.

Blakestone Buzzer Completed Fly

Step 8

Bring the two goose biots and mylar tinsel forward and secure at the eye. Trim waste and cover the tinsel and biot ends with thread. Whip finish the thread, trim waste thread and varnish the head. (This pattern does not require any varnish on the body section).

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