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Ice Buzzer

Step by Step's

The Ice Buzzer

Ice Buzzer Fly Tying Materials
Tying the Ice Buzzer Step 1

Step 1

Run the thread down the hookshank and around the bend, catching in two pieces of flexifloss as you go. Return the thread to just over half way up the hookshank.

Tying the Ice Buzzer Step 2

Step 2

Wind the two pieces of flexifloss up the hookshank in touching turns until you reach the thread and secure with two thread wraps.

Tying the Ice Buzzer Step 3

Step 3

Catch in some gold or red holographic tinsel and also pull the flexifloss forward and secure it just ahead of where the hotspot will be completed.

Tying the Ice Buzzer Step 4

Step 4

Wind the tinsel three or four times up the hookshank and tie off with thread. Trim waste and return the thread to the bead.

Tying the Ice Buzzer Step 5

Step 5

Wind the remaining flexifloss back and forth to create a tapered thorax and secure with thread at the bead.

Tying the Ice Buzzer Completed Fly

Step 6

Trim waste and varnish three times with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails varnish.

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