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Micro Hare's Ear Buzzer Fly Image

The micro Hare's Ear buzzer is simplicity itself and very easy to tie. It's sparse dubbing for the thorax and bare hook for the body can give takes when nothing else works. Very similar to the Tiny Miracle Nymph fly.

Tying Instructions

Take the thread about 1/4 way down the hookshank, catching in some copper wire as you go.

Take the thread up the hookshank covering the copper wire. Keeping the thread away from the eye.

Wind the copper wire up the hookshank to the thread position and secure, trim waste wire.

Wind the thread a little way back down the hookshank.

Dub some Hare's ear onto the thread and perform a couple of wraps.

Secure the thread at the eye, whip finish, trim waste thread and varnish the thread.

Use a dubbing needle or velcro to bring the fibres out of the Hare's Ear thorax to give a better appearance.

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