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Concrete Bowl

Step by Step's

The Concrete Bowl

Concrete Bowl Fly Tying Materials
Tying the Cat's Whisker Mini Lure Step 1

Step 1

Catch in the thread a little way from the hook eye.

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Step 2

Step 2

Take a bunch of Marabou. To remove the bulk / fluff from the marabou, place the marabou tips in your left hand between index finger and thumb and with the right hand move your thumb and index finger nails down the marabou stripping the webby marabou bulk off the stems. Now to make the marabou easier to tie in, I tend to wet the remaining marabou stems and pull it between the index finger and thumb to make a slim profile.

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Step 3

Step 3

Now catch in the marabou with thread and secure along the hookshank. Try and keep the thread as uniform as possible. Return the thread to the original catch in point of the marabou.

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Step 4

Step 4

Run the thread back down the hookshank securing in some oval silver tinsel on the way. Try and keep the tinsel on the underside of the hookshank when tying it in.

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Step 5

Step 5

Take a length of lime green chenille and strip about 10mm from the central core of the chenille. Catch the core onto the hookshank and return the thread to a position roughly 1/3 of the hookshank length from the eye.

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Step 6

Step 6

Wind the cheille in closed turns up the hookshank to the position of the thread and perform a couple of wraps of thread to secure the chenille (Do not trim the chenille).

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Step 7

Step 7

Take a black cock hackle with a barb length of roughly 1 1/2 to 2 times that of the hook gape and catch it in.

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Step 8

Step 8

Wind the hackle down the hookshank in open and even turns. When you reach the lower end of the hookshank ie. Where the tinsel is tied in. Take hold of the cock hackle with your left hand using finger and thumb or hackle pliers and hold the oval tinsel with your right hand. Keep the hackle taught horizontally and wind a rib with the tinsel back up the hookshank trapping the palmered hackle in as you go. It helps if you move the tinsel from side to side as you wind on the rib, this prevents having as many hackle fibres trapped under the winding. If you still find that too many hackle fibres are trapped , just use a dubbing needle to pick the trapped fibres out.

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Step 9

Step 9

Once the oval tinsel is at the thread position, secure the oval tinsel with thread and trim waste. Trim the waste cock hackle from the hookshank end.

Tying the Concrete Bowl Lure Completed Fly with Krystal Flash

Step 10

Wind the thread up to the eye. Now continue winding the chenille towards the eye and secure with thread, trim any waste chenille and create a neat head, whip finish and varnish. (To keep the bulk down for the head, I usually strip chenille from the core and secure the core to the hookshank rather than the chenille itself).

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