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Step by Step's

The Cormorant

Cormorant Fly Tying Materials

The tying here is for the red cheeked cormorant which is my personal favourite. The method for most cormorant patterns is very similar to that listed here if the cheeks and tag are dropped.

Tying the Cormorant Step 1

Step 1

Run the thread down the hookshank catching in some red holographic tinsel.

Tying the Cormorant Step 2

Step 2

Wind the tinsel down around the hook bend and back up again to form a tag. Tie off and trim the waste tinsel. Varnish the tinsel and leave to dry.

Tying the Cormorant Step 3

Step 3

Now catch in some fine silver wire. Try to attach it on the underside of the hookshank.

Tying the Cormorant Step 4

Step 4

Take 3 peacock herl's and catch them in tip first, wind the thread down to the start of the tag covering the herl as you go, then return the thread towards the eye.

Tying the Cormorant Step 5

Step 5

Wind the 3 peacock herls towards the eye, trying to keep them together as you wind. Secure them with thread at the eye.

Tying the Cormorant Step 6

Step 6

Trim the waste herl and any other herls that are overlapping the eye. Now with some scissors, trim the herl so that a tapered body shape is achieved.

Tying the Cormorant Step 7

Step 7

Now catch in two short lengths of red holographic tinsel, one either side of the hook.

Tying the Cormorant Step 8

Step 8

Wind the wire up the hookshank to create a rib, continue to the eye, trapping the red holographic tinsel cheeks as you go. Secure the wire with thread and trim the waste wire (The best way to do this is to "rock" the wire back and forth until it snaps, this is a cleaner method than cutting with scissors and it also saves the blades from going blunt).

Tying the Cormorant Step 9

Step 9

Take a bunch of marabou tips and strip any bulk from the base of the feathers.
(TIP : Do this by placing the marabou tips in your left hand between index finger and thumb and with the right hand move your thumb and index finger nails down the marabou stripping the webby marabou bulk off the stems). Now catch the marabou in at the eye. (TIP : To make a neater head, wet the marabou ends and push them down with your finger, then cover with thread.)

Tying the Cormorant Completed Fly

Step 10

Finally catch in two lengths of red holographic tinsel, one each side of the wing, trim waste, build a neat head, whip finish and varnish the head a couple of times.

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