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Black Flexi Nymph Fly Image

Use this fly when small buzzers, nymphs and midges are on the water. Fish the fly on a floating line with long leader using a slow figure eight retrieve. Can be used singularly or as a team of different sized Flexi nymphs.

Tying Instructions

Wind the thread down the hook shank to a point opposite the barb catching in some black flexifloss as you go.

Secure in a few black hen hackle fibres to create the tail.

Move the thread up the hookshank to a position about 1/3 of the hookshank length from the eye, making a neat uniform body as you go. (This will make the flexifloss body level).

Wind the flexifloss up the hookshank in tight turns making sure none of the turns overlap each other.

Secure the flexifloss and trim waste.

Take a length of Fluo Green Floss at either side of the hook and catch in making sure that a good length is left down towards the hook bend at both sides, this will become the wing buds.

Dub some the body fur onto the thread and create a nice bushy thorax up towards the eye, leave enough space for a neat head.

Use some velcro or a dubbing teaser to pull the fibres out which creates a nice buggy thorax.

Create a neat head, Whip Finish and varnish the head.

Trim the Fluo Green Floss wing buds on both sides of the hook just enough for them to be visible before the start of the thorax about 1/3 way down the hookshank.

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