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Floating Fry Fly Image

This fly is fished on a floating line with long leader and can be left static or slowly twitched, it is best used in the "Fry" season.

Tying Instructions

Cut a Slim piece of white plastazote, 1 1/2 times the length of the hook shank and about 2/3 inch wide.

Cut the piece of plastazote so that an even body can run parallel with the hook shank (1/4 inch wide).

Towards the end of the hook shank position, opposite the barb, make a tapered cut outwards at both sides, creating a wedge shape.

In the middle of the wedge at the very end, cut a triangular piece of plastazote out, this will create the look of a tail.

Tie the thread on the hook shank, where the tail starts and catch in the plastazote. Whip finish and cast off.

Tie the thread onto the eye section where the head will be, catch in the plastazote and build a neat head, Whip finish and cast off. Varnish the head, being careful not to get any varnish onto the plastazote as this can cause a chemical reaction.

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