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Mallard and Claret

Step by Step's

The Mallard and Claret

Mallard and Claret Fly Tying Materials
Tying the Mallard and Claret Step 1

Step 1

Catch the thread onto the hookshank and tie in a bunch of golden phesant tippets. Return the thread to a position near the eye.

Tying the Mallard and Claret Step 2

Step 2

Catch in a length of oval gold tinsel to the underside of the hookshank, leaving the thread at a position opposite the barb.

Tying the Mallard and Claret Step 3

Step 3

Apply some dubbing wax to the thread and take some claret seals fur and dub it onto the thread.

Tying the Mallard and Claret Step 4

Step 4

Wind the dubbed claret seals fur up the hookshank to a position some way from the eye. Leave sufficient room for tying in the underhackle, wing and head.

Tying the Mallard and Claret Step 5

Step 5

Wind the Oval tinsel over the seals fur to create a rib, (don't pull the tinsel too tight). Secure with thread and trim waste tinsel.

Tying the Mallard and Claret Step 6

Step 6

Take some red game hackle fibres and catch them in for the underwing. Take two Bronze Mallard feathers and sit them side by side. Now roll the feathers until you get the desired shape for the wing. Secure to the hookshank using the pinch and loop method. (See the Techniques section for instructions on how to use the pinch and loop method). Pick out some of the claret seals fur fibres with a dubbing needle or velcro if you want a buggy look to the body.

Tying the Mallard and Claret Completed Fly

Step 8

Trim any waste feather fibres, create a neat head, whip finish and varnish the head. You can continue to roll the wing until you're happy with the looks of it.

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