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Okay Dokey

Step by Step's

The Okay Dokey

Okay Dokey Fly Tying Materials
Tying the Okay Dokey Step 1

Step 1

The hook used on the Okay Dokey can be a standard buzzer hook (Kamasan B110) or a Sedge Hook (Kamasan B420). Here I've used a B420 Sedge Hook. Catch in some fine silver wire and No 16 Glo-Brite Floss and continue down around the bend.

Tying the Okay Dokey Step 2

Step 2

Return the thread up to the eye and then wind the white floss back up the hookshank. Stop at the eye and secure with thread. Trim the waste floss.

Tying the Okay Dokey Step 3

Step 3

Wind the wire up the hookshank to the position where the head will start. Secure with thread and trim waste.

Tying the Okay Dokey Step 4

Step 4

Catch in the coloured Glo-Brite floss that will be used for the head and build the head up as required.

Tying the Okay Dokey Step 5

Step 5

Whip finish the head and trim waste. Varnish the body and head as many times as required.

Tying the Okay Dokey Step 6

Step 6

This is the version tied on a Kamasan B110 hook, I tend to make both the body and head "Chunkier". It makes a variation having both types of Okay Dokey in your box.

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