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Palomino Midge Midge Fly Image

The black Palomino Para Midge is an ideal fly when small black flies are on the scene. Fish the fly on a floating line either static or using a slow twitching retrieve. Had numerous good size rainbows on the midge pattern especially on an evening. A very good fly for Chub.

Tying Instructions

Take a length of Black Micro Chenille that is roughly 1.5 times the length of the hookshank from the eye to barb.

Singe one end of the Micro Chenille with a flame. This will seal the end of the chenille and prevent it decomposing when used.

Take the un-singed end of the Micro Chenille and catch in about 1/3 of the hookshank length from the eye and secure with thread up to the eye. Trim waste chenille.

Catch in a length of White Antron or Poly Yarn just below the the eye and secure with thread down the hookshank until the thread is about 1/3 of the hookshank length from the eye. This will become the thorax cover.

At the same position, Catch in a couple of black peacock herls tips first. Take the thread back up to the eye.

Wind the herls 2-4 times until a nice throax is created. Tie off with thread and trim waste peacock herl.

Pull the Yarn forward over the thorax and secure with thread at the eye.

Whip finish, trim waste thread and varnish thread.

Pull the Yarn forward so that it is tight and with one cut of a pair of scissors, trim the yarn to the desired length.

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