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FNF Brown Chewing Gum Worm Fly Image

The FNF Brown Worm is a saltwater pattern tied using the FNF chewing gum material which creates lots of mevement in the flies tail. A dubbed body and soft hackle gives this fly extra movement at the head. The majority of the time, takes would be when the pattern is fished static. For a very slow retrieve use this pattern in combination with an Ally's shrimp or Sakasa Kebari Shrimp on a dropper for extra attraction. For the dubbing I generally make this up from waste material that is disgarded whilst tying other fly patterns, once I have enough of the waste, I add other dubbings like glister, slf, squirrel, marabou and blitz it all together in a coffee grinder. It's then bagged up ready for use later. (Make sure that no Marabou or hackle stems are included in the dubbing).

Click Here for Step by Step Fly Tying Instructions

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