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Step by Step's

The Undertaker

The Undertaker Fly Tying Materials
The Undertaker Lure Step 1

Step 1

Catch in a length of black antron along the hookshank to form a tail and secure the bulk with thread.

The Undertaker Lure Step 2

Step 2

Catch in two lengths of Krystal flash, one at either side of the tail.

The Undertaker Lure Step 3

Step 3

Catch in a length of medium oval silver tinsel.

The Undertaker Lure Step 4

Step 4

Catch in two lengths of Black Anton and tie down the bulk. (These are going to be the back and Thorax cover).

The Undertaker Lure Step 5

Step 5

Now catch in another length of black antron (roughly 12-14 inches in length) and create a cigar shaped body with thread. Return the thread to the hook eye when done.

The Undertaker Lure Step 6

Step 6

Wind the Antron up and down the hookshank to create the desired body effect. Tie off at the eye and trim waste Antron.

The Undertaker Lure Step 7

Step 7

Wind the oval tinsel up the body to create a rib, tie off at the eye and trim waste.

The Undertaker Lure Step 8

Step 8

Pull the remaining two strands of Antron forward over the back and thorax, tie off at the eye, trim waste and build a neat head. Varnish the head and then finally trim the tail to the desired length.

The Undertaker Lure Completed Fly

Step 9

On the original pattern a white eye at either side of the fly was painted on. I find it just as effective without.

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