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Wickham's Fancy

Step by Step's

The Wickham's Fancy

The Wickhams Fancy Fly Tying Materials
The Wickhams Fancy Step 1

Step 1

Catch in the thread a little way from the hook eye.

The Wickhams Fancy Step 2

Step 2

Take some red game cock hackle fibres, catch in and secure to the hook shank. Try and keep the body as uniform as possible. Don't run the tied in hackle fibres too near the eye, this is where the wings will be tied in and we don't want too much bulk. Trim the waste ends of the hackle fibres.

The Wickhams Fancy Step 3

Step 3

Run the thread back down the hookshank securing in some fine oval gold tinsel on the way. Try and keep the tinsel on the underside of the hookshank when tying it in.

The Wickhams Fancy Step 4

Step 4

Run the thread back up towards the eye and catch in a length of holographic gold tinsel. Run the thread down to the end of the hookshank, securing the tinsel on the way. Return the thread to the eye. Some fly tyers at this stage coat the thread with varnish and leave it to become tacky before winding the tinsel back up the hookshank to give the fly more strength. I just prefer the fly without this process.

The Wickhams Fancy Step 5

Step 5

Now wind the tinsel in closed turns up the hookshank until about 5mm from the eye. Secure the tinsel with thread and trim the waste end.

The Wickhams Fancy Step 6

Step 6

Catch in a red game cock hackle with barb length of about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 times the hook gape and wind the hackle down the hookshank in open turns making a palmered hackle.

The Wickhams Fancy Step 7

Step 7

When you reach the lower end of the hookshank ie. Where the tinsel is tied in. Take hold of the cock hackle with your left hand using finger and thumb or hackle pliers and hold the oval tinsel with your right hand. Keep the hackle taught horizontally and wind a rib with the tinsel back up the hookshank trapping the palmered hackle in as you go. It helps if you move the tinsel from side to side as you wind on the rib, this prevents having as many hackle fibres trapped under the winding. If you still find that too many hackle fibres are trapped , just use a dubbing needle to pick the trapped fibres out.

The Wickhams Fancy Step 8

Step 8

Once near the eye, secure the cock hackle with thread and trim any waste.

The Wickhams Fancy Step 9

Step 9

Take some paired slips of Mallard primary and tie in using the pinch and loop method. (See the Techniques section for instructions on how to use the pinch and loop method)

The Wickhams Fancy Step 10

Step 10

Trim as much waste around the area where the head of the fly is going to be and try and reduce as much bulk as possible.

The Wickham's Fancy Completed Fly

Step 11

Create a neat head with thread, Whip finish and varnish the head.

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