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Zonker Lure Fly Image

The Zonker is a general purpose lure used in the fry season. The wing is highly mobile which makes this fly so effective when fry are around. It can be fished static on a long leader using a floating line or on an sinking line and retrieved at various rates of retrieve.

Tying Instructions

Take the tying thread down the hook shank to a point opposite the barb.

Catch in some small lengths of straight Pearl Glister dubbing which creates a type of tail - roughly 1.5” past the end of the hook.

Dub the Pearl Glister dubbing to the thread and start building a neat tapered body.

Once the body is almost complete, dub finely back down to a position opposite to the hook point.

Take a length of Grey Rabbit Strip and stroke the fur forward to create a clear view of the skin opposite the hook point position.

Secure the skin using a few wraps of thread and stroke the fur back over it.

Bend the rabbit skin back over the area just secured to give a clear view of the dubbed body.

Dub the Pearl Glister dubbing again to the thread and move up towards the eye.

Catch in some Grizzle cock hackle fibres to create a beard.

Pull the rabbit skin forward and secure the front of the rabbit skin with thread and build a neat head.

Whip finish and varnish the head.

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